Our farm is a certified Organic Farm and we are proud to be among the associate founders of the “Biodistretto San Gimignano” (San Gimignano Organic District). Being organic is a life style, a choice of respect toward the natural environment and humility for nature; we are the keepers of this piece of land on our beloved Tuscan hills and we have the great responsibility to preserve it for the future generations!

At Cappella Sant’Andrea we exceed what’s required by the organic regulation: we use just renewable energy sources. We recycle rainwater, allowing us to have a minimal water consumption at the farm.

We fertilize just with the compost produced on the farm, made with productive waste, from the pruning to the marc; in the vineyard we bend the vines just with biodegradable materials, For the treatments we limit copper levels (thanks to vegetal formulas) and we use just cave sulfur, that it doesn’t come from crude oil.

The grassing of our vineyards reduces the CO2 emission of the soil and enhances the vitality of the microfauna; we are great supporters of biodiversity!

Furthermore our cellar is steam sanitized and we don’t use additives during the fermentation that are mainly natural. You won’t have headache after drinking our wines, guaranteed!

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Cappella Sant'Andrea s.a.s. di Flavia Del Seta & C. Soc. Agr.

Loc. Casale, 26 A, 53037 San Gimignano(Si) - Italia - Tel. e Fax.: +39 0577 940456 - P.iva 01295860520