Our hands are the tools with whom we look after our land. During busy times, we never forget the artisanal techniques that keep us in close contact with nature; technology is a great additional help for vineyards and winemakers, but we don’t adapt it to our land and territory and we use it accordingly.

Our working ethic is supported by strong spiritual principles; we feel part of an agricultural association that wants to be self-sufficient. For this reason, alongside vineyards we have our farm animals, we produce our own compost, we strive to enhance the vitality of the fields. The manpower is a corporate workmanship, including the harvest that involves young students and experienced seniors: this is the harvesting feast, the meeting point between different generations that keeps traditions alive.

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Cappella Sant'Andrea s.a.s. di Flavia Del Seta & C. Soc. Agr.

Loc. Casale, 26 A, 53037 San Gimignano(Si) - Italia - Tel. e Fax.: +39 0577 940456 - P.iva 01295860520