To The Land... We feel is essential to approach the earth with great humility and respect: for this reason we chose to be ORGANIC!


Every quality viticulture comes from a process of work within the territory and its characteristics. Accompanying the grape during its path toward becoming wine it means being keepers of an ancient art that interprets a place and its traditions and becomes its witness: a bottle of wine is capable to preserve all this beauty for several years, testifying for our territory.

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Cappella Sant'Andrea s.a.s. di Flavia Del Seta & C. Soc. Agr.

Loc. Casale, 26 A, 53037 San Gimignano(Si) - Italia - Tel. e Fax.: +39 0577 940456 - P.iva 01295860520

The fossils

The soil of the hills around San Gimignano is composed by pliocenic sands and clay. The richness of these fossils’ sediments witnesses the ancient existence of the Ligure Sea. These extremely calcareous sediments make our soil ideal in order to create great vigorous and mineral white wines.